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It’s pure.

It’s luxe.

It’s soulful.

It’s essential.

It’s mine.

It’s yours.

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Your feedback is essential.

We would like to hear from you - let us know how can we improve and what you love most about your essentials. We aim to meet your plant-based skincare demands as best as we can. You can jot your suggestions here.


Here are some of our loyal customers showing off their ‘temi' glow and sharing their honest feedback about their essentials by temi.


Janell M. Hickman

Beauty Editor + Journalist

“Oftentimes, face oils can be hit or miss. However, this silky, soothing elixir oil hits the nail right on the head.  After one use, my skin looked hydrated and glowing. So much so that I happily skipped foundation. This is a must-have!”

Angie Choi

Founder of Eyekahfoto — Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

“As a new mom, my skin was going through a whole lot of hormonal changes - dull complexion, itchiness, and acne. My go to skin care routine was no longer working for me. The soothing mist and radiance oil gave my skin the food it needed and improved my skin texture. Thank you Temi!”

Tiarra Dickens


“I absolutely love how warm and woodsy the cedar and vanilla scented butter scrub is! The scent alone is captivating and makes me feel like I just took a whiff of a vanilla bean latte from Starbucks. It's awakening. I have never used a scrub that had the consistency of the butter scrub. Many exfoliates are too harsh for my sensitive skin but the butter scrub has a softer texture that is almost whipped. I'm so happy that I've found an organic exfoliating scrub that is gentle to my skin.”


Feed your skin and soul the pure essentials they deserve.